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The Sopranos Button Shirt

The Sopranos Button Shirt

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Step into summer in style with our 'Sopranos' button shirt, a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

Crafted from lightweight, breathable cotton, it's your go-to choice for staying cool in the Israeli summer heat. Designed with an oversized silhouette, it effortlessly blends fashion and comfort. Available exclusively in timeless black, it's a versatile piece that radiates elegance.

Choose from two lengths: the small size hits at the waist, while the L-XL sizes offer extra length for a customizable look. With its button-up design, the 'Sopranos' emanates sophistication, effortlessly embodying class and style for every occasion.

Embrace the season with our 'Sopranos' button shirt, your essential summer companion.

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photographs by: Itay Blaish