My name is Michal Sharon, born and raised in Jerusalem. I am a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, where I honed my skills in Fashion Design. Today, I proudly run my own fashion brand, Nice and Tite, based in my living room in Tel Aviv. My brand specializes in creating tailored clothing that seamlessly integrates into daily life for both men and women.

During my studies at Bezalel, I delved deeply into the exploration of gender – examining the subtle distinctions between masculine and feminine clothing and how these perceptions have evolved throughout history. My designs often reflect this exploration, highlighting the interaction between humans and nature, and the personal relationship between an individual and their chosen attire.

My creations are born from research and keen observations of everyday street fashion. I am passionate about challenging the traditional norms of fashion, exploring the edges of conventional design, and experimenting with innovative materials. As society has recognized the non-binary nature of gender, I believe the fashion industry has lagged in adapting to this evolution. I want my clients to focus on the quality and aesthetic of materials, rather than conforming to rigid gender-based categories.

Tailored design is my specialty and primary source of inspiration. Tailoring encompasses a vast spectrum of possibilities, allowing even the simplest garments to make a profound statement through precision in cut and fit. My aim is to redefine tailored clothing, moving away from styles commonly seen on Israeli streets, and making this refined aesthetic both accessible and desirable to the Israeli audience.

My mission is to break down barriers to well-crafted, button-down shirts and expertly tailored pants, both in terms of style and affordability. My work is fueled by a profound love for fashion and attention to detail. I aspire to continue creating unique, high-quality capsule collections, constantly engaging in research and innovation, with the vision of establishing my brand as a significant and influential presence in Israeli fashion.